Good Enough to Win is Good Enough

The Steelers resisted the lake impact wind and an improved Cleveland group Saturday night, to move into sole ownership of the lead position in the AFC North. 

Willie Parker scrambled for more than 100 yards (28 for 105) for the second continuous game, and Ben Roethlisberger turned in another effective execution finishing 12 of 19 passes for 186 yards and score to Hines Ward. 

The Steelers guard held the Browns to 53 yards surging on 25 endeavors. Cleveland’s offense could just assemble 208 complete yards. Visit :- เล่นพนันบอลดีไหม

It might not have been the 49-12 end of the world I anticipated, awful climate has a method of making everything fair, I don’t think these groups are just about as close as the score showed. 

The Browns Again’s protection couldn’t think of a stop when it required one late. Derek Anderson didn’t make the grip plays his group required. 

Not that I concur with the choice, but rather I see the rationale behind Crennel taking the 3 focuses when they were in range with three breaks, and more than three minutes left. The poor break and check the board in plain view in the melting away snapshots of the two parts, be that as it may, was stunning. 

At the point when the Browns got the ball back with 26 seconds left, requiring two profound fruitions, Kellen Winslow was not on the field, intriguing. 

Ben Roethlisberger supposedly played with an isolated shoulder. What a demonstration of confidence in a doubtful hostile line, which has displayed strong, at this point unspectacular, play through about fourteen days. I don’t know for certain, yet it must be his non-tossing shoulder that is apparently isolated. 

I’m not an enthusiast of the expression, “explanation game”. The rationale behind it doesn’t fulfill me at all, gathering just certain games take into consideration “proclamations”, though one could contend all games disclose to us something accordingly all games are “articulation games”, in this manner the platitude ought to be abrogated. Notwithstanding, if the Browns were attempting to “say something” about their last situation in this current season’s AFC North standings, it would peruse, “second spot.” 

The offense should profit by playing in more settled conditions against a protectively denied Philadelphia group one week from now. 

In the event that I were a Browns fan: 

I’d require Crennel’s head, and for Brady Quinn. Who needs solidness at QB and lead trainer at any rate? There is no legitimization for the play calling toward the finish of the main half which brought about Troy Polamalu’s second capture in two games, and the mentor made light of frightened by kicking a field objective seven late. 

Mission Impossible: The 2008 Steelers Schedule. Much has been said about the overwhelming timetable during the current year’s Steelers group. What amount of that is justified? We should investigate how the Steelers adversaries fared for the current week. 

PHILLY (1-1) 37, DALLAS (2-0) 41 The BCS says, the Browns are eighteen focuses more awful than the Cowboys, consequently the Cowboys are 14 better than Pittsburgh (BCS doesn’t consider climate) along these lines the Eagles are 10 focuses better compared to Pittsburgh? Phooey! This is the manner by which the Big Ten send groups to public title games. One week from now will be a fabulous game to watch. At the point when he’s not playing the Steelers, I’m a McNabb ally; I recall when Philly fans booed him when he was drafted rather than Ricky Williams. Neither of these groups seem to play protection by any means, the Steelers pay guard well indeed. I wager the Eagles are a slight top pick at home for one week from now. I can’t stand 99% of Philadelphia fans, they know nothing about everything, and aren’t reluctant to tell everybody it.

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