My Power Mall Business Evaluation

I have looked at numerous on-line money making chances within the previous 10 years and very few have been truly free or that actually provides a good or service which would be of benefit to me. Today I’m looking at My Electricity Mall (MPM).Here is the basic information. You will find a complimentary power mall when you sign up. You’ll receive a lien on all your purchases.

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You are able to give free electricity malls to anyone and you’ll receive a commission on all purchase up to 9 grade levels deep. You will receive all of the tools required to become successful in your new business.Sounds good so far, but all them do sound good in the sales letter. The first thing I looked at is there any shop in the system that I would actually use? Having the ability to shop on-line at a bagel shop in Nebraska would not be of advantage to me personally. I shop at some of the shops listed and when I looked for a massive price markup about the items for sale I couldn’t find any. I’ve observed other online stores that raise the price per item so high to compensate for the commissions paid that anybody that does any kind of cost comparison could never shop at the online store unless he or she lived in a very small city and the closest store was over 50 miles off. That sort of opportunity would confine my target market and I’d get very few if any commissions on revenue. If I must spend 30 bucks or so per month to keep an active account then I don’t consider that chance to be liberated. If I have to buy some form of mailing list or do any advertising to get a minimum number of people signed up under me to maintain my active status then it isn’t free.Does My Power Theater have some qualification minimums? Nope, no mandatory minimums, no meetings, no advertising required, no action requirements and the company guaranties that their will never be any. If you have a look at what they are providing you can see why this is accurate. Only one on-line store is present.Everyone that has a energy mall employs exactly the exact same set of computer applications and the only thing different is your ID number is being used to ascertain who receives commission for the sale. No programming staff is required to help members customize the malls or extra computer space to look after all the different malls. No approval procedure, as soon as you sign up you may have your mall ID in minutes.No selling. This is right at the top of my list of things that I do not wish to do. I hate selling. I really don’t wish to send sales letters to all my friends or even people I do not know. I love to write articles and I do have sites for my articles on allergies, cardiovascular disease, diamond and so on. When I write a post on diamonds or allergies I do not tell the reader that you need to go out and buy this vitamin since, or go to this jewelry shop and buy diamonds. I like to write article that contain interesting or useful information. I do put adds for two or one vitamin companies or jewellery companies on my web sites and if the reader wants to purchase something great and I do receive a commission on the sales.This may give away my age but quite a couple of years back I went to England on business. When asked how many blue jeans I possessed I informed them I had about 6 pairs. Right away they believed I was wealthy. Why, because in the point blue jeans were very hard to come by in England and were going for about $150 each. My cost was about $30. American products are still very difficult to come by in a lot of foreign countries. My Power Mall group has made agreements with a company to send just about everything they sell to any country. It’ll cost extra for the shipping and the customs paperwork but if a customer from Uruguay would like to buy Craftsman tools from Sears it can be done.1 final thing, My Power Theater donates a percentage of profit to non-profit organizations. They give you the option of signing your favorite non-profit organization to get a win-win situation. Can I recommend this corporation? I have just signed up together and I do not have sufficient history with the company to provide you with a fair and honest report so you’ll have to wait later. They have passed all of my evaluations but you want to take a look at them yourself and see if they pass all your tests.

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